What's New On Netflix In August

It's a topic that inevitably comes up between friends:  what should I watch next on Netflix?

The platform is overwhelming viewers with choices and we often seek the advice of friends as to what to watch next.  For the most part, when a friend asks me for a recommendation, that friend is referring to an original program on Netflix.  The streaming platform is offering so many new programming choices, people turn to friends to figure out which show is stream-worthy.

As I looked over a list of shows and movies coming to Netflix in August, I noted how many good MOVIES are coming to the platform.  You'll want to throw a few old favorites into your queue along with the original shows.

So...welcome to August.  Here's a complete list of what's new on Netflix.

I get a very favorable response from listeners when I make my own recommendations on the radio show.  I am glad that I am considered a trusted friend.  That said, here's some of my own recommendations -  including both movies AND shows:

Batman Begins -  Because of the attention paid to the later movies in the trilogy (Heath Ledger!  Bane!), viewers forget that the first movie in the Christopher Nolan series is VERY good.

Eraser -  When Arnold Schwarzenegger ruled the action movie world.

I've noticed a LOT of great Clint Eastwood movies on Netflix as well -  Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino get added in August.

And don't forget Bill Murray and John Candy in Stripes -  that's a fact, jack!

One of my favorite Westerns, Silverado, is added on August 1 as well.

As for original shows, Ozark Season 2 hits the platform at the end of the month.  If you haven't binge-watched Season 1 -  about a family desperately laundering drug money at Lake Of The Ozarks in Missouri to avoid the deadly wrath of a drug lord -  binge-watch it now because the explosive finale will leave you hungering for season 2.

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