Which management decisions pay off?

  • It’s a new month and with it comes the field day season. Andy is at one of the first just North if Washington put on by Verdesian and Winfield United:
Field day 1

Holy cow are the soybeans tall, nearly shoulder high on Andy:

Field Day 5

Quite a few pods, nearly 60 and many of them have 3 beans in them:

Field Day 6

One of the hot topics has to do with the importance of higher soybean stands as Kirt Sievers demonstrates. Also the NutriS-phere N trials show much better root growth, take a look at how much bushier the plant roots are in the plant on the right:

Field 2

A nice group of folks checking out the new Avail phosphorus enhancer with the T-5 polymer:

Field Day 3

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