Tennessee Carjacking Foiled By Stick Shift

(photo courtesy of CBS News)

I apparently stirred up some controversy on Monday when I guest-hosted for Van.  I told Bonnie that I drive my car using two feet -  right foot for the gas and left foot for the brake.  Bonnie believes I will grow old and drive through her office wall.  Some listeners believe I always have my foot on the brake (I don't) and will get rear-ended.

But I also told Bonnie that I can instantly switch to drive stick as well.  This apparently would make me a talented carjacker.  I'd be like a switch-hitter in baseball -  whatever car I jumped into -  I'd be raring to go.

A carjacking in Nashville, Tennessee last Tuesday was thwarted because the two teenager thieves couldn't operate a stick shift.

The 15 and 17 year old boys stole a woman's car keys in a grocery store parking lot. They got into her car. Within 60 seconds, they took off by foot because they couldn't work the gears. 

Police found the teens and arrested them soon after.

A survey by Edmunds says manual transmissions are rare now. Only 3 percent of the cars sold have one. Less 18 percent of people can drive a stick.

I wonder how many people can drive an automatic transmission with two feet?

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