LOOK: Wrapping up our Iowa State Fair coverage

The view this morning included many big horse hitches, which always bring chills down the spine:

Fair 9 1

A big Thank You goes out to your Iowa State Fair Governing Board for all of their hard work and long hours at the final 'Way We Live" Award presentation:

Fair 9 2

It's also Iowa Corn day at the fair:

Fair 9 3

And Iowa Select day at the fair, look for the purple shirts:

Fair 9 4

We got to see a unique FFA restoration project:

Fair 9 6

The infamous Jeff Longnecker dropped by for a visit:

Fair 9 8

What a way to wrap up our coverage with a Royal visit, Queen Hailey Swan from Davis County was our closing number:

Fair 9 9

Thank you to Emery (pictured) and Karina (not pictured) for all of their hard work and help to make our coverage possible.

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