Your Taste In Music Says A Lot About Your Bank Account

You hear Bonnie, guest host Courtney Maxwell, and me refer to this article on Monday morning:  your taste in music says a lot about your bank account.

In summary, rich folk seem to like classical.  Po' folk like country.  Does this seem like too much of a stereotype to you.

The breakdown:

How much income each type of music lover rakes in:

Classical – $114,000

Electronic – $92,000

Rap/Hip-hop – $69,000

80s/’90s – $67,000

Hard rock – $65,000

Pop/Top 40 – $61,000

Country – $58,000

By musical taste, Courtney's love of rap/hip-hop/r&b made her the wealthiest of the hosts this morning (I have no idea if this is true, it seemed awkward to ask); I am little under her due to my love of 80s big hair metal;  producer Emery's love of alternate rock probably puts him a little under me;  and Bonnie's love of 70s love and/or sexy songs makes her income unclear;  it does mean she was the person for whom you looked when the DJ at the high school dance played a slow song.

So...correlation or causation?  Of course, experts say country music tends to be big in rural areas where people tend to make less money than urban areas.  However, how much of this is cultural?  If you are rich, do you think you SHOULD listen to classical, because that's what rich people do??

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