Fashion Rules Every Man Should Know!

Bonnie Lucas, Maxwell Schaeffer and Emery Songer talk fashion rules that every man should know...and include a little fun!  Hear it here....

Plus, we had a little fun at Emery's expense....he happened to mention to me this morning that he took a hot shower and did not apply his "man" lotion.  Most of our listeners wanted to revoke his "man card", but a few were on his side of applying lotion.  Emery was feeling very scaly and itchy t his morning, so I loaned him some's a picture of him applying....

Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, Jeff Angelo will be filling in for Van and we'll be talking about some weird food facts that you won't believe!  Plus, we'll keep you updated on the latest in the Mollie Tibbitts case.

Enjoy your day!


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