The Media's Biggest Kavanaugh Misses

We talked on Monday about the decision by hundreds of newspapers to write editorials on the same day decrying President Trump's labeling of them as the "enemy of the people."  Some listeners were unhappy that I said that the President should refrain from such harsh rhetoric.

But understand my point:  if we got the media to stop talking about the name calling, would we finally get them to own up to why so many people don't trust them?

THAT'S been my problem with the coastal media from the beginning of the Trump presidency -  when will you be willing to acknowledge that you have problems?  And HERE'S one of the BIGGEST:  a majority of Americans believe that reporters have an agenda and are not committed to impartial news coverage.

Let's prove that point:  Fox News gleefully has posted a story about a string of would-be media hits on conservative US Supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by the coastal media that have resulted in unintentional hilarity.

This includes articles 'exposing' how he spent big bucks on baseball games and, most recently, a detailed New Yorker analysis of his college sports reporting three decades ago -- which quotes one academic, somehow, asserting that Kavanaugh's college basketball articles show he would endorse "unlimited Presidential power" under Trump.

The reason for one academic believing Kavanaugh might favor "unlimited Presidential power?"  He once wrote about one basketball player's ability to dominate a game. 

Oh, and he likes beer, too.

One can see Democratic sources finding sympathetic journalists and asking them to throw stuff against a wall to see what sticks.  And instead of those journalists worrying about being perceived as activists OR having their work parodied, they're happy to do it to continue to curry favor with their liberal buddies.

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