Most Workers Say They Don't Take A Lunch Break

Guilty as charged.

A new survey finds that 51% of American workers say they are unable to take a full lunch break.

The key word in that finding is "unable."  I actually choose not to take a lunch break.  I have a full list of tasks that need to be done when I finish the show at 11 am and I want to PLOW through them.  So I eat at my desk.

But for workers who say they are "unable" to take a lunch break, resentment is sure to follow.

 When folks work through lunch they wind up feeling tired (44%), stressed (31%), overwhelmed (24%), exhausted (26%) and anxious (20%).

Instead, workers take a break to engage in activities to relieve that resentment:

The survey finds that 75% of workers use their break to take a walk. 

Reasons for taking that walk include:

To get exercise (63%)

To walk to clear their head (57%)

Enjoy the weather (51%)

De-stress (43%)

My main reason for taking a break is my Apple Watch!  I have a "move" goal to hit each day, so you'll find me frequently getting "my steps in" by walking around the office.  And if there happens to be cupcakes in the break room, so much the better!

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