Checking out the Show Me the Money Plot

On the farm of Verdesian's Dave Schwartz, the brand new Chairman of the Iowa Agricultural Water Alliance Business Council:

As you turn down the lane just outside of Guthrie Center you see the trials:

A quick comparison of the greenness of the trial corn with the check strip shows how much more grain fill is still happening:

Out in the field, here's what it looks like across the fence:

And this is what Dave's corn looks like treated with the NutriSphere-N, Avail, Take Off and MicroSync:

It looks that green in the middle of the field also, take a look:

Here are the aronia berries Dave is using as an alternate crop, they take several years to get established and start to reproduce:

The next generation of production advancements on display and as Dave says, "we love visitors" so feel free to check out the Show Me the Money plot for yourself.  Congratulations Dave on your election as IAWA Business Council Chairman, you'll do a great job!



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