Dr. Amy Michelle Willcockson on the "Next Step Challenge"

Dr. Amy Michelle Willcockson of Live Healthy Iowa talked with Van and Bonnie about their new "Next Step Challenge" that starts Setpember 10th and runs thru October 19th.  It's your chance to team up with other friends, co-workers or neighbors and track your steps...getting out and working together!  There will be prizes for the most steps logged by a team!  There is a $10.00 registration fee which does include a pedometer.  Get all the information and get registered at www.livehealthyiowa.org.  You can hear Amy's entire interview here...


Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, we'll have an expert on Dyslexia on with us.  If you have a child who you think may have symptoms of Dyslexia, you'll want to be tuned in.  Elizabeth will be on with us after the 7:30 news.

Have a beautiful day...enjoy the sunshine while it's here!




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