All GoFundMe Money Is Gone, Attorney For Homeless Man Says

How many news stories have we heard in past couple of years that contain the words, " a GoFundMe account has been set up..."  But do YOU trust that the money will go toward what you are promised it will go toward?

If you're unsure, THIS story won't increase your confidence.

A homeless Philadelphia man is back the streets after the money from a GoFundMe account for him was drained.It started with a kind gesture by Johnny Bobbitt; giving up his last $20 to a woman that was stuck on a highway with no gas. Kate McClure and her boyfriend Mark D’Amico were so touched they started a GoFundMe account to help Bobbitt out and raised 400-thousand dollars.

Then came the dispute as to where the money was going. Bobbitt admitted using some on drugs and McClure and D’Amico have been accused of using it to live lavishly. Now we know the account is empty.

Bobbitt’s attorney was given the shocking news during a conference call with the couple’s attorney. McClure and D’Amico had been ordered by a judge to turn over the remaining money last Friday and didn’t. They were also ordered to give a full accounting of the money within 10 days.

Bobbitt maintains the couple had complete control over the money and spent it on a BMW, shopping sprees and gambling. The couple says Bobbitt got 200-thousand dollars of the funds. A judge is holding a hearing on the case today.

GoFundMe released a statement that any money that was misspent will be guaranteed by the company.

I understand that GoFundMe "guarantees" the money to provide assurance to donors that the money will ultimately go to its intended recipient, but I think I'll stick to giving to charities that I trust.


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