Checking in on our Verdesian Water Quality Trial

It was back to the farm for Andy on Friday, it was a little muddy so they ended up in the shop rather than the field but did go out to take a peek:

As a quick refresher, we planted a side-by-side water quality improvement trial with NutriSphere-N Stabilizer from Verdesian Life Sciences applied to every other planter pass.  Above is what is looks like in the untreated pass, and below the view from the treated:

You can see the plants are hanging on a bit longer in the treated areas, and we picked some ears to check the bottom line:

The difference was seen in length of the ears, and the ears treated with NutriSphere-N averaged 50 more kernels per row.  Roughly figured that's about 13 bushel per acre depending upon the depth of the kernels, which of course also tells us those plants used more Nitrogen meaning less ran off into the water supply, thereby improving water quality:

We'll be back in a few weeks for harvest and the ultimate test, as at this point it looks like the NutriSphere-N is shaping up to provide a significant return on investment.



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