Iowa's 2018 tornado count up to 47

JOHNSTON, Iowa-  The National Weather Service in Des Moines says Iowa has recorded 47-tornadoes so far this year.

The most recent added to the list are five twisters this week, two in Linn County, two in Benton County on Monday, September 3rd and one Tuesday, September 4th in Kossuth County.

The two (EF-0) Benton County tornadoes were both spotted near Vinton.

The two (EF-1) Linn County tornadoes were near Alburnette and on the NW side of Cedar Rapids.

The (EF-1) tornado spotted in Kossuth County Tuesday was near Algona.

So far this year, the strongest tornadoes were E-F 3s, that hit Marshalltown and Pella July 19th.


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