Helping recovering disabled veterans

Opening ceremonies last night at the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort as veterans from around the country with visual impairments, severe illness or injury are in the state for the 2018 National Disabled Veterans Training, Exposure and Experience (TEE) Tournament:

Andy was honored to serve as emcee and look at the grand entrance for the Veterans provided by the West Liberty High School Band:

In addition to golfing at several courses, Veterans will participate in adaptive cycling, fishing, bowling, kayaking, scuba diving, disc golf, marksmanship and rock wall climbing and were treated to a concert by Ayla Brown to wrap up the first night:

She was kind enough to sign autographs afterwards:

They started a day early to celebrate the 25th anniversary of an event that has done so much for so many veterans.  The smiles on their faces are incredible and they genuinely look forward to coming back every year.  A big thank you also to the more than 600 volunteers are expected to donate their time and efforts to the event.


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