#harvest18 begins

As we get going on #Harvest18 across the midwest let's take a look at how things are ramping up via the pictures sent to our Pioneer A-Series Soybean Text Line.  First up today, validation over a concern about germination at the bottom of the ear.  Don sends this in near Dixon:

Meaning it's time to get the machine in the field:

The Oxbo picker harvesting seed corn near Mitchellville where they say it's "dry as a bone":

Near Boxholm they are getting things opened up:

Matt sends in the great panoramic shot of the chopping operation in Jones County:

Near Lucas, Iowa it's a 4th crop hay cutting exercise with lug marks being left behind in the soft ground:

Knocking down 3rd crop near Clarence in Cedar County:

Here is the field of beans Sue Martin mentioned on the program on Friday.  This is a 0.9 maturity variety and the combining was done a couple weeks ago:

In Southwest Boone County, 21% 101 day hybrid and 24% on the 105 day corn.  The yield report is variable, 150-220 as they go through the field:

Thank you for all of the pictures, feel free to send more to 515.999.5491.



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