Police say Iowa boy pointed loaded gun in teacher's face

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ELDRIDGE, Iowa - An eastern Iowa boy faces felony charges, including attempted murder, after police say he pointed a loaded gun in his teacher's face and pulled the trigger.

In court documents obtained by KWQC-TV 6 in Davenport, the 12-year-old student is accused of bringing the loaded gun to North Scott Junior High School on Friday August 31.  

Police say he pulled the gun, ordered his classmates to get down on the floor, pointed the gun at the teacher's face and pulled the trigger; but the safety was on and the gun didn't fire.

Investigators say the female teacher talked the boy into giving her the gun.  

The 12-year-old is due back in court on October 1st.  The boy's name is being withheld by KWQC-TV and the WHO / WMT / KASI Radio News Departments because it is not clear if he will be tried as a juvenile or youthful offender.  


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