Iowa Supreme Court to decide oil pipeline battle

DES MOINES, Iowa-  Dakota Access Pipeline protesters argued before the Iowa Supreme Court today (Wednesday) that the Iowa Utilities Board illegally gave permits to build the pipeline and violated eminent domain laws.   

Lawyers for the pipeline and Utility Board argued they met the legal requirements.  

Protesters held a news conference today outside the Iowa Supreme Court building.  Boone County landowner Dick Lamb said this is a great day for the landowners who have waited a long time to have their case heard before the Iowa Supreme Court.

"We're hopeful and optimistic that we will have an outcome that recognizes the damage that Dakota Access and the Iowa Utilities Board has done to Iowa citizens and that there will be a remedy for us," said Lamb.

Lamb says the pipeline construction has caused considerable to his land.

The Iowa Supreme Court's decision could take days, weeks or months.

Crude Oil Is Flowing Through The Dakota Access Pipeline
Crude Oil Is Flowing Through The Dakota Access Pipeline
The pipeline will move 470,000 barrels of oil each day from North Dakota to Illinois


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