EIGHT More Alexa Powered Devices Are Coming

We had so much breaking news on the show today that I promised to get to this story and never got around to it.  But luckily you follow this blog!

CNBC got their hands on Amazon internal info that shows Alexa will be paired with an in-car gadget, a receiver, subwoofer, and even a microwave by the end of the year. There are four more items on the list and all of the devices will be Alexa-enabled. Some will also have the digital assistant built in.

Amazon isn’t the only company competing for your home space to be filled with assistant devices, JBL has put out a few smart displays with Google Assistant. And of course, there’s Siri which is now part of a Home Pod smart speaker now.

You've heard me talk on the show about how I control devices in my home through my own Amazon Echo.  I love gadgets that make my life easier and voice-control is something I want to utilize more.  I really don't have a preference right now between Siri and Alexa -  whatever seems to work best for a situation suits me.  But I would like to see more voice control on my car (through either Siri OR Alexa) and would be glad to connect more devices in my home.


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