Heinz Makes It Official: Mayochup Is Happening

Just before I went on vacation, I asked listeners to text me with their favorite "weird" food combinations and listeners BLEW UP the text line with their favorites.

One of the most intriguing texts I received was from a listener who said his girlfriend mixes ketchup with mayonnaise and he found that "weird."  Quite frankly, I thought this listener must be dating for the first time because MAYOCHUP IS A THING, PEOPLE.

In fact, the Twitterverse had a meltdown earlier this year after someone posted a photo of “Mayochup” - a Heinz condiment combining mayonnaise and ketchup, which is available in the Middle East. And when half a million fans voted “yes” on Heinz's subsequent poll, the company pledged to bring it to the U.S. and that’s finally going to happen.

Fans can vote today, September 18th, on where the new condiment goes first. The city that gets the most votes will be treated to a “food truck takeover” - which is basically free french fries and Mayochup before the product hits stores. The three cities trying for the first taste are Culver City, California; Chicago, Illinois; and Brooklyn, New York. But everyone else won’t have to wait much longer, Heinz is rolling out Mayochup at Walmart and Amazon later this month.

As for me, I love just plain mayonnaise on my burger, although I'd be curious enough to give it a try.


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