Van has a surprise for Bonnie!!!

Today is my 24th anniversary working at WHO Radio and Van had Hy-Vee deliver 24 gorgeous roses to me live on the air this morning!!!  I remember when I first accepted the job at WHO Radio...I asked my old boss if he could hold my job open for a year in case this radio thing didn't work out!  Well I guess it has worked out!  I auditioned for the job by doing a 4 hour show with Van on the first day of the Iowa State Fair in 1994.  I had just wrecked on the bike trail on my roller blades, so I called Van to make sure the gates would be open to get into the Fair so I wouldn't have to climb over the fence.  He assured me he had the whole thing under control.  We arrived at the Fair at 4AM and guess what....the gates were locked.  Van told me he would hold my stuff while I climbed over the fence....I was on the top of the fence when the guard came by on a golf cart and shined his flashlight on me and ordered me to get down.  I told him "Van made me do it"!!!  Of course, once he found out what was going on, he got the gate unlocked for us.  I knew that the WHO Radio Crystal Studios at the Fair is empty all year and since I am terrified of spiders, I brought along some spider spray just in case....I had to use it!!  

My campaign to get the job included the fact that my name rhymed with my predecessor, Connie, and that we could save money on jingles by just cutting off the "C" of "Connie" and making the "B" sound on the front!  I also told the story of my dad's "rotten pairs" and the rest is history.

Thanks again to Van and Hy-Vee for the gorgeous roses and to each and every one of you WHO Radio listeners that make my job so rewarding!


Hear the audio of my surprise this morning as well as a bonus conversation with Mark Allen!


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