A Crew's Error Leads To Ear Bleeds For Passengers

It sounds like something out of a horror movie. 

Passengers on a Jet airway flight found their ears bleeding on Thursday night on a flight from Mumbai to Jaipur, India.

According to multiple reports, more than 30 passengers on the flight bled from the nose and ears because the crew neglected to flip the switch that regulates cabin pressure.

The flight turned back shortly after takeoff with the oxygen masks deployed because of the neglectful crew.

The company says it regrets the incident but also reported that everyone impacted was treated once the plane landed safely.

While it seems we are treated to a weekly dose of bad news involving the airlines, AIRPORTS are actually getting high marks from passengers.

J.D. Power’s annual satisfaction survey finds that customer satisfaction with airports is actually at an all time high, scoring 761 out of 1,000, which is up 12 points from last year. Overall, several specific areas saw customer satisfaction improve, including check-in; food, beverage and retail (up 17 points); accessibility; terminal facilities; baggage claim, and yes, even security check (18 points). 

As for which airports are doing the best job at satisfying customers, Orlando International Airport and Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport are the top “Mega” airports with a score of 781, while John Wayne Airport, Orange County ranks highest among "Large" airports, with a score of 815 and Buffalo Niagara International Airport ranks highest among "Medium" airports, with a score of 814.

As for the worst airports, in the "Mega" area that “honor” goes to Newark Liberty Airport with a satisfaction rating of just 701, with New York’s LaGuardia Airport the worst for "Large" airports with a 678 and Kahului Airport the worst for "Medium" airports with a 757.

Des Moines and Cedar Rapids don't make the lists due to their smaller size, but I enjoy flying out of either of them.  My only complaint:  the music in the Des Moines airport, which seems to be a mix of "songs that killed an artist's career" and "disco hits that were moderately successful."


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