Honoring the founders

It was a beautiful sunrise in Madison County, a foreshadow of the day to come as the participants gathered for the Founders Ride:

The Lions Hall in St. Charles serving as home base:

Some of the memorabilia that has come out:

Darryl Hull has the original number from that first ride, a coozie they handed out and the original name badge:

Hopefully all Don Overland has to do is drive today:

I-35 FFA hosted the morning pit stop:

Roger with WHO-TV Channel 13 stopped by to do a story:

They are just putting the finishing touches on a beautiful new shop at I-35:

Talk about a state-of-the-art facility:

The FFA'ers have restored quite a few tractors:

The breakfast sandwhiches were amazing:

They look like a pastry, but then one finds the eggs, cheese and sausage embedded inside:

Thanks to the Wooden Bakery in New Virginia for those tasty twists on a breakfast sandwich.  The next stop was the East Peru Cemetery where Tractor Ride Founder Mark Pearson is buried:

What a beautiful view as Bob said a few words in rememberance and shared a few stories:

A sincere thank you to all who have made this ride one of the marquee events in the state each year for a long time:



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