First Time Flier Thinks Exit Door Is Bathroom Door

I am a frequent traveler and do a lot of flying over the course of a year.  I know a lot of business people -  and frequent vacationers -  listen to the show, so I tend to highlight certain types of stories:  1) poor customer service or care by the airlines and 2) crazy behavior by passengers.

This is type # 2.

A passenger flying on GoAir from New Delhi to Patna, India caused some panic when he tried to open the plane’s evacuation door. Turns out he was a first-time flier, apparently thinking the door was actually the bathroom.

According to reports, when passengers tried to ask the man what he was doing, he kept pulling at the door handle saying he needed to use the bathroom. Authorities say he was eventually restrained and handed over to police. After further investigation, he admitted it was an honest mistake and signed forms promising to appear in any potential court dates.

The good news is he wouldn’t have been able to open the door even if he kept trying, due to the cabin's air pressure, according to a spokesperson for the airline. So, everyone on board was safe. Thank goodness.

It may seem a little harsh that the man has a court date, but the fact that he kept pulling on the door handle even as passengers expressed concern meant that he probably merited little sympathy from his fellow flyers.


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