Are These Money-Saving Ideas REALLY That "Bizarre?"

The website "Vice" has an article which is meant to spotlight the "bizarre" and "hilarious" things that people do to save money.  Except -  I don't find all of them so bizarre and hilarious.  Does that make me weird?

Here are some of the "weird" and "bizarre" things on the list -  with my commentary in parentheses as to whether I think they are actually all that hilarious!

 I cut open my face wash and moisturizer to get every last drop because that stuff is $$$$.” (NOT bizarre -  frugal!)

“(Purchase) meat at the grocery store on a Sunday night. They tend to stock up before the weekend but by Sunday everyone has what they are going to grill and such; what remains must be sold, at a big discount too.” (That's just smart)

“Save old water from washing fruits/rice and use to water plants.” (Don't a lot of environmentally conscious folks do this?  Will we mock owners of rain barrels next?)

“My wife cuts my hair; sometimes I have the kids use my bathwater." (Unless you or the kids have been mudding all day, so what?)

"I’ll drive up to 4 hours to a different airport for a cheaper ticket." (Ever heard of return on investment?)

"I rarely eat out and when I do it's carryout, no matter the restaurant, to avoid the 20 percent tip.” (OK, that's just mean.)

"I bring an empty plastic bottle with me when I go to the gym and fill it up with the hand soap inside the gym’s bathroom. Saves me money on soap and it so happens I love the smell." (That's not funny, that's theft!)

"Instead of buying plastic containers, I wash and reuse empty ice cream or butter containers for storage." (Yes!  Those containers are quality!)

“My friend Jay and I in our club-going days used to hide our coats in an alley near this club, rather than pay the $1 coat-check fee."  (OK, that is weird)

“If the paper towel isn’t too dirty, I’ll rinse and hang it out to dry so I can reuse it.” (Nope)

“Every time I go to any fast food place and they dump your bag full up ketchup or other condiments, I save all of them so I can use them later."  (Everybody does this!)

What money-saving practices do YOU have that you'd be surprised to find that other people find bizarre?


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