Could your next job interview be conducted by a robot?

Robots are taking over more and more responsibilities, taking more and more jobs.  How will this affect you?  Predictions say the number of jobs lost to automation within the next 10 years could be 1 million in the United States alone!  Advocates say that the number of positions created by technological developments will far exceed those taken away. 

Employers are using robotics more and more to speed up the hiring process and free up hiring managers' time for more complex tasks.  All Fortune 500 companies are now using some kind of automation to enhance their hiring processes.

Triplebyte is one company doing that on behalf of Apple and Coinbase.   It uses programs to test and perform initial online interviews with software engineers and then matches them with positions most relevant to their skills.

AI-powered recruitment tools can help to reduce or eliminate bias, decrease time to hire and lower turnover.

In may soon be talking to a robot in the interview process!!!


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