Downtown Farmers Market Wins Award - New Hours For October!

Kelly Foss of the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market joined Van & Bonnie in the WHO Radio Studio this morning and she brought along their new award, and announced new hours for October.  Starting this Saturday morning, the new hours for the Market will be 8AM-Noon.  Kelly also gave us the dates for the winter Market...November 16 and 17 as well as December 14 and 15.   The hours for the winter market are 8AM-2PM.  You can hear Kelly's entire interview with Van and Bonnie here...


Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, Newt Gingrich will join us by phone, and it's FRIDAY, so we'll have the Friday Morning News Quiz.  Plus, we'll have four more chances for you to win $1,000!!!

Enjoy the sunshine today, because Jeriann Ritter says it's going away for a really long time!



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