High Gas Prices Inspire A Gas Tax Revolt

Gas tax price hikes are NEVER popular, but the furor seems to temporarily die down as prices remain low.

The Iowa Legislature last raised the gas tax in 2015 -  a ten-cent increase.  It was unpopular at the time, but it did pump half-a-billion dollars into road and bridge projects.

However, gas prices are just pennies away from their highest level since 2014 and I've noticed an uptick in upset on my text line about the gas tax.  In other words, higher gas prices always cause people to recall their previous anger over a gas tax increase.

And now a revolt is brewing -  IN LIBERAL CALIFORNIA.

In California, voters will decide in November whether to repeal gas taxes. 95.5-percent of gas prices in the state are from taxes.

The Oil Price Information Service says average prices topped two-dollars, 90-cents a gallon this week, a rise of about six cents in the past month.

The report says the price of gas is rising because strong global economies and international politics are boosting oil prices.

There's an election right around the corner.  Expect gas prices to suddenly become an issue.  I wouldn't be surprised if incumbents suddenly find that their opponents are reminding Iowa voters that they voted for a gas tax increase.


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