NHL Team Banned From Playing Fortnite

Happy hockey season!

Here's a follow-up to my story regarding Prince Harry telling parents that young kids shouldn't be playing Fortnite.

The players for the NHL's Vancouver Canucks are being told they cannot play the popular video game Fortnite or any other game on road trips this season.

Millions of people play Fortnite every day but the NHL team says it is banning that game, and all others video games, on road trips because it wants the players to be a social, close-knit group. There are also reports there are concerns players are staying up late each night to play and may not be at their best for games.

The team’s veterans are the ones who helped institute the ban.

Fortnite's popular battle royale drops 100 players into an arena where they shoot at each other until just one person is left. The game's maker said there were 80 million active players in August.

Notice that the "team's veterans" helped institute the ban.  I continue to maintain that this is the age-old practice of the older generation trying to protect the younger generation from "harm" by banning the "evil" stuff.  You know, like that time that we were told that rock 'n' roll is the devil's music and was ruining the young-uns.

The millennial generation has reached adulthood.  Very soon, they'll be running everything and this kind of talk will die out.  And they'll be warning kids that flying cars are the "devil's machines."


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