Siri Can Now Discreetly Record A Traffic Stop

I once did a segment on my radio show about the relationship between Black Americans and the police.  I invented a long-time black Iowan to discuss the topic.

One startling moment during the show:  she told me that she had been taught by her parents to call someone when pulled over by the police and stay on the phone until the stop had been completed.  I told her that I had never known that black kids were taught to do that.  She responded, "Jeff, until you told me, I didn't know that white kids weren't!"

While conversations such as this often get caught up in emotional political position, great police departments (like the Des Moines PD) are always working to improve their communication with the public.

However, it would be naive to say that there isn't tension between the police and the public when a traffic stop occurs.  Which is why I was struck by THIS story:

Siri has a new short cut that will quietly record a police encounter if you’re ever pulled over by the cops. To launch the Police short cut just simply say, “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over.” 

That will prompt Siri to put the phone in Do Not Disturb mode, prevent notifications from coming through, lower your screen brightness, and pause your music. Then your phone will automatically record and send a text to a designated emergency contact with your location information. iPhone users must have the latest version of iOS and the police shortcut is located in the short cut app settings. 

No word on such a function for Android users.


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