The next generation of ag workers

Some 2600 plus students from the Iowa State College of Ag and Life Sciences and others across the midwest descending upon the Leid Recreation Athletic Center for the annual Career Day:

CALS Career Fair 1

277 businesses are here looking for interns and employees, including Bayer represented by Ryan Tierney:

CALS Career Fair 2

Tim Heiller knows a thing or two about what it's like for these students as he attended this career day as a student a year or two ago.  Now he's back with PIC:

CALS Career Fair 3

It's the intersection of talent and opportunity:

CALS Career Fair 4

Always good to catch up with Macy Merek as she gets going with her career:


This really is a campus-wide event, as there are 26 or 27 majors in the CALS itself and last year students from 72 majors attended.



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