Previously Unseen Beatles Photos Will Fetch A BIG Price

I love The Beatles.  But even I think there would be, after all these years, a saturation point for merchandising.  I not only own all their music, but I've got a few books that have countless photos of the band.  So who would pay money for MORE photos.

A LOT of people, apparently.  And a LOT of money.

Previously unseen photos of The Beatles on the set of the movie “Help!” are set to go up for auction.

The photos were taken on location in Austria in 1965 on the set of the band's film released that year. The 124 negatives show John, Paul, George and Ringo filming scenes in snowy mountains.

The collection will go up for auction in Newton-Le-Willows, Merseyside, England October 16th. It’s expected to fetch over 15-thousand dollars. The auction is on the hunt for more Beatles collectibles for their twice a year sale of memorabilia linked to the quartet.

Because of streaming, classic rock will never die.  New generations will continue to discover and love these bands.  For example, my son will tell you that his favorite band is Green Day.  But Queen and The Beatles, as well as Michael Jackson, are in his top five.  What's interesting to me about this story is that the demand for merchandising will never die, either!


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