Selena Gomez Seeking Mental Health Treatment

Another week, another story of a young person who has grown-up in the spotlight have a very serious personal crisis. Selena Gomez is reportedly in a mental health facility seeking treatment after suffering what sources are calling an emotional breakdown.

On the show, I recently talked to a former addict about the drug issues surrounding Demi Lovato.

I specifically refer to performers who began their careers as child stars begin it seems that this surreal life that they are leading eventually equates to some serious personal problems.  I grew up loving the music of Michael Jackson.  But Jackson was publicly known as a troubled soul who told friends and family that he'd probably go out like Elvis.  Of course, the easy access to drugs prescribed by Dr. Feelgoods (and the ability of young stars to afford them) seems to be a particular problem.

I especially worry about young ladies in the spotlight.  I recently blogged about a survey of kids and was shocked that young girls STILL primarily are concerned about their appearance -  despite all the positive messages about education and achievement targeted to them.  In this Instagram world, imagine being a young lady constantly being presented as a product.  It must be hellish.

Of course, the counter-argument is that these young stars are suffering the same challenges as other young people -  just in the public spotlight.  What do you think?


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