LOOK: Soybean quality concerns

All the water has been hard on mature soybeans:

Damaged beans 1

A text on the Pioneer A-Series Soybean text line says this was picked on Friday and at that time was only split open at the bottom bean yet looks what's happened since:

Damaged beans 2

Yikes!  Makes it tough to get into the combine and leads to this:

Damaged beans 3

Every four soybeans per square foot means 1 bushel per acre yield loss and there are four beans in that picture around a single plant.  Assuming they aren't on the ground, some in the pods are even sprouting:

Damaged Beans 4

This text says perhaps the most frustrating and helpless feeling is doing all the work to grow a big crop and have no way to capture the fruits of labor before it gets ruined.  The report also says the extent of damage depends on variety and field, but scary stuff to be sure as the question is how will these look in a load, and will they keep in the bin:

Damaged beans 5

Buyers will almost certainly pay a lower price due to these quality concerns, just adding to the challenges of growing crops.



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