The Most Common Mega Millions Numbers

Yes, I am one of those folks who buys a lottery ticket when the jackpots are high.  Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot is 970-million.  All kinds of thoughts go through my head:  what would I do with the money? Lump sum or yearly payment?  I hope you enjoyed today's show in which I talked to a financial planner AND a lawyer who warned me about the pitfalls of those office pools.

Here's another thought that goes through my head as I head home from the radio station today and buy my ticket:  WHAT ARE THE MOST COMMONLY DRAWN MEGA MILLIONS NUMBERS?

I live to serve.  Here they are:

In order of most drawn they are:

2, 17, 31, 39, 4, 46, 29, 5, 20, 35. Each of these numbers has been drawn over 200 times.

Lottery officials say the prize amount crossed over the 900-million mark due to "brisk sales" across the country. Winners can take the cash option, which would now be 548-million-dollars, or an annuity, with one initial payment and annual installments over 29 years. If you don't strike it rich with Mega Millions, there's always the Powerball. Saturday's drawing is worth 430 million.

Good luck and if you win -  remember all the good advice provided by your buddy Jeff.  That's worth a tip, right?  RIGHT?


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