Are You A "Flexitarian" When It Comes To Diets?

You know that I post a video on Instagram and Facebook each weekday to provide a preview of the show.  Some viewers have been messaging me about my weight loss and asking about the plan that I follow.

I have struggled with my weight for years and tried several diet plans.  What's working for me now is a point system.  Each item of food that I eat is assigned points and I am limited to a certain number of points per day.  I can eat what I want -  I just can't exceed my point total.

It turns out that Americans also say they've tried several diet plans:  AT THE SAME TIME.

A new poll conducted in conjunction with World Vegan Day, which is November 1st, finds that 31% of Americans identify themselves as “flexitarian,” meaning they follow more than one type of dietary lifestyle, and may combine plant and meat-based diets. 

As for why they people go flexitarian, 70% of people say they like it because it allows them to eat healthier but not feel deprived, while 69% say it makes them feel better physically and 57% to make them feel better mentally.

Meanwhile, 13% of people stick to one specific dietary lifestyle, whether it is veganism, vegetarianism, paleo, or something else. And even if they aren’t strictly going vegetarian, 59% of people say they do eat plant-based meals at least once a day.And it seems more and more people are open to going vegan or vegetarian, or at least trying to. In fact, 18% of people have tried to be a vegetarian and 5% have tried to go vegan. But apparently not all that many stick to it. The study finds Americans will attempt to go vegan or vegetarian at least six times in their life, with the average person lasting 37 days of strict plant-based meals. As for why people opt for plant-based diets, 76% say it’s to improve overall health and nutrition, while 51% do it for weight management and 24% do it for animal welfare reasons.

What works for YOU?


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