#harvest18 hits the home stretch

As we turn corner the final corner for #harvest18 across the state it's still very wet, and some of us are lucky:

Harvest 5

The report from Jackson County is most of the beans are done while maybe half the corn is still left.  Some of us, aren't so lucky:

Harvest 6

This was in Winnebago county on Monday, and then today:

Harvest 7

The caption to this picture on the Pioneer A-Series Soybean Text Line at 515.999.5491 is "My friend":

Harvest 8

The situation was much the same last week in the bean field:

Harvest 10

In Warren County, the crop is in the bin with 38 bushel bean yields and 140 bushels per acre on corn:

Harvest 4

'Ready for next year' is how that picture was captioned.  Landen has some fixing to do:

Harvest 2

He says thanks to the folks at Colfax Tractor parts this 40 year old New Holland wobblebox is going back together:

Harvest 3

It's a cover crop operation here and has been for a couple weeks:

Harvest 1

The caption says "the drill was brand new but now looking at it, it would be hard to tell."  Be safe and thank for for the texts!



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