Iowa's Steve King gets in heated exchange with protester

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Iowa 4th District Congressman Steve King strongly defended himself today (Thursday) against an accusation that he shares the same ideology as the man accused in the deadly Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

Our News partner, Channel 13 WHO-TV reports Congressman King was taking questions during an event at the Des Moines Partnership in downtown Des Moines when a man accused King of sharing an ideology with the man charged with killing eleven people at the Tree of Life synagogue Saturday,  as a preface to a question.  

King firmly defended himself and said he'd leave the event unless organizers removed the man who asked the question. 

"Do not associate me with that shooter, I knew you were an ambusher when you walked in the room, but there's no basis for that, and you get no question and you get no answer, no, you're done, we don't play these games in Iowa," said King. 

"You crossed the line, it's not tolerable to accuse me to be associated with a guy that shot eleven people in Pittsburgh.  I am a person who has stood with Israel from the beginning, the length of that nation, is the length of my life and I have been with them all along, and I will not listen to another word from you," King continued. 

Congressman King tweeted about the event later, saying "Leftist Media Lies have reached Peak Insanity and compared me to the evil Pittsburgh murderer of 11 Jews!"

Video of Channel 13 WHO-TV coverage

(Photo from Channel 13 WHO-TV)


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