Early voting continues through Monday in Iowa INFO

DES MOINES, Iowa - We're down to the home stretch, with just a couple days left before Election Day 2018 on Tuesday, November 6.

Early voters are packing local election offices.

"We'll usually get about 1,000 people on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday."  Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald tells WHO Radio News.  "So be sure you come early.  And, plan to stay."

His elections headquarters was filled with a cheery atmosphere, with many of the people standing in line to vote chatting and neighborly.

It's the same throughout the state of Iowa, as early voting continues.

"We're going to see that throughout Friday, Saturday, and Monday." Fitzgerald says. "Every County Auditor's office is open for voting on Saturday, and again on Monday."

"The last chance to vote early is Monday, before 5:00 p.m."  He says.

CLICK HERE to find your County Auditor location to vote early.

CLICK HERE to find your voting place on Election Day Tuesday November 6.


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