End The Time Change!

As a follow-up to today's show:  I've LONG been an advocate for ending the time change and going to Daylight Saving Time year-round.  I can find no USE for the time change.  

For some people, the end of daylight saving time means a bonus hour of sleep on the actual night, followed by an earlier hour of sun during the day. For others, the rollback can make them feel like garbage through the winter.

There's a scientific reason for this that goes way beyond just having a person's body clock thrown off. The Cleveland Clinic says that half a million Americans suffer from a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, while somewhere between 10-20% have a milder form called "seasonal blues".

Plunged into longer periods of darkness, some people can become fatigued, lose interest in things, and develop a lack of motivation, all symptoms of depression.The best way to combat SAD and the effect of standard time would be to add more vitamins into your diet, stay active, avoid sugary foods, and try to get in as much sunlight and outdoor activity as you can.

For years, I've had what's called a "happy light" at my desk.  It's mean to simulate sunlight during these long, dark winter months to KEEP me from getting Seasonal Affective Disorder. 


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