Heroes Of Thousand Oaks

You heard on my show on Friday from a pastor who has been on the ground for recovery after the Las Vegas massacre, the Charleston church shooting, and the Paris terror attacks.  He's now in Thousand Oaks, California after the horrific shooting there.

Along with the tragic stories, there are always stories of heroism within the horror.  I always wonder when I hear of these stories:  could I do the same?

In the case of Sheriff Deputy Sergeant Ron Helus, the last words his wife heard were: I love you.

Helus was among one of the first to respond, immediately being hit with multiple gunshots upon entering the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks Wednesday night. Witnesses say he was trying to shield the young patrons inside.

Officials say the hero, who died in a hail of gunfire, spoke to his wife on the phone just before his death. Sheriff Geoff Dean said Deputy Helus told her "Hon, I've got to go. I love you. I gotta go on a call."

As a 29-year veteran of the force, Helus was set to retire within the next year. Sheriff Dean described him as hardworking and fully committed to his job.


And there's this story of men using their bodies to shield other patrons:



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