WATCH: Flight Passenger Sews Clothes Into Coat To Avoid Fees


I am a frequent traveler and am amazed at the lengths that people go to avoid baggage fees.  I tend to just try to travel light.  But there's many people who are buying the biggest carry-on bag they can find and stuffing it full.  These are the people who are running over other people to get on the plane first and find bin space.

Here's a unique solution.

Budget airline Ryanair recently updated their carry-on baggage policies, allowing only one carry-on bag that can fit under the seat. So, one passenger found a creative way to avoid the extra luggage fees for his flight to Belfast, Ireland.

Lee Cimono, a man from England, originally booked the flight for his birthday with Ryanair, an airline he regularly uses. He ended up finding a way to board the flight with everything he needed without shelling out any extra cash… by sewing an entire carry-on suitcase’s worth of items into the lining of his coat. In a video, he documents the entire process – which totally worked, by the way.

In the clip, he’s shown getting underwear, pants, shirts, even Ziploc bags full of toiletries sewed into the one coat’s lining. The coat was obviously a little bulky by the end of it, but at least he got to Belfast with all his stuff… not to mention his birthday money. And according to, he wants to auction the coat off, with half of the profits benefiting a charity of Ryanair’s choice.

See the video above.


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