Here's What You Need For "Friendsgiving"

Some neighbors own a local restaurant.  Just before Christmas last year, I was talking to them just outside their home when they told me they had decided to stay open on Christmas Day.  One of the owners told me that they knew there were a number of people that were lonely on the holiday and they decided to give them a place to go.  They asked their employees if they'd like to volunteer for a shift, but no-one was obligated.

I was touched and decided to show up at their restaurant and have a drink to be supportive. 

I needn't bothered -  they were PACKED.  Quite frankly, I was surprised.  But now I understand that the holidays have become a time for residents to come home and find time not only for family but also friends.

Hence, the growing tradition of Friendsgiving! It’s a time when friends hang out and enjoy a second holiday dinner, minus the dishes to wash and the family tensions, and do a little drinking while playing games.

Want to participate this year? In order to make it fun for everyone here are some must-haves for the get together:

  • Plastic dinnerware. It looks fancy, but you throw it out.
  • Wine bottle stickers. You can get some fun ones online.
  • Ready made appetizer trays.
  • Friendsgiving drinking game.
  • Themed drinking cups.
  • Pumpkin crackers.
  • A leftover kit.
  • Printable games.
  • T-shirts, koozies, and other party favors.


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