Deer crashes through Iowa school window

JANESVILLE, Iowa- A deer crashed thru a double paned window at the Janesville Schools District Monday, landing in the superintendent's office.   

School secretary Joann Apling tells WHO Radio news it happened around 12:30 p.m.  She says they were able to keep the deer in an office area, although the deer tried to get out, leaping over a counter toward another window at one point.   She says that prompted another school secretary to make a dash over a counter for safety. 

Apling says parent Joshua Smith grabbed a chair, and like a lion tamer, herded the full-grown doe, as it slipped and fell on the floor, eventually making its way outside.  Apling says this all happened as wide-eyed school kids were getting onto a bus for a field trip watched.   

The deer scampered away from the school, east across Highway 218 - and it made  it across the highway safely.

Apling says the deer seemed to be disoriented because of nearby construction and was pretty determined to get into the school, trying to come in thru the doors first, then crashing thru the window on its second try.   She says the deer knocked over some things, but aside from the broken window, it didn't cause too much damage.   The window is boarded up today.

(Photo credit (KWWL-TV).   Deer is against white background leaping into window.  Photo below is from phone video taken by a school staffer, of deer inside school, with parent in the background with the chair.



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