Meghan Markle to be weighed before & after Christmas Dinner!

It turns out the Royal family has  a tradition  of monitoring their weight during the holidays. Since Meghan Markle and her mom Doria Ragland will be celebrating with the Royals this year, they may have to take part in the strange tradition of getting weighed before and after their Christmas dinner.

According to Royal experts, it's been a thing since as far back as King Edward VII’s reign (that’s from 1901 to 1910).  Evidently, the King was worried that people weren’t eating enough on Christmas… It sounds a little stressful to me!!!

As if it wasn’t stressful enough to mingle with in-laws during the holidays, remember that this will be Meghan and Doria’s first Christmas with the Royals, too. But since the weighing isn’t necessarily required, as in it’s not an actual law, they may or may not have to participate!


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