Here's What To Watch On Netflix This Weekend

Chances are you'll have some binge-watching time on this weekend after Thanksgiving.  Here's some suggestions from me based on what I've been watching lately.

The first two shows are for the adults only -  they contain R-rated language, adult situations, and nudity:

"Happy Valley" -  This British show follows a cop investigating a kidnapping for ransom.  She learns that one of the kidnappers is a man who allegedly raped her daughter but never got convicted.  Powerful writing and some of the best acting I've seen this year.

"Rake"  -  This Australian show is hilarious, following the life of a lawyer who is a loser in every way but one -  in the courtroom.  Despite his constant poor decision-making, he has a circle of friends who are faithful to him and he is faithful to them.  This means that you'll like a character with whom you'd have nothing to do in real life.

Family-friendly movies:

I make no bones about loving cliche-filled, syrupy Christmas movies.   

"The Princess Switch" -  Netflix unashamedly creates Christmas movies that give viewers EVERYTHING they expect.  This new movie feature Vanessa Hudgens features a handsome prince, a snow-covered castle, romance, and yes -  a WACKY SNOWBALL FIGHT.  The plot is basically "The Parent Trap" at Christmas.

"The Holiday Calendar" -  Can a magical holiday calendar lead our lonely lead actress to romance while living in a small town that looks like an ideal Christmas village?  How do you think it will end?

"The Christmas Chronicles" -  I plan to watch this movie this weekend but I am already recommending it.  Kurt Russell as Santa Claus?  I'm sorry, it's impossible to mess that concept up.

"A Christmas Prince"  -  This is the movie that launched Netflix into the Christmas movie genre big-time last year.  A handsome Prince, a snow-covered castle, romance, a WACKY SNOWBALL get the picture.  The sequel, "A Christmas Prince:  Royal Wedding" comes out later this month.

"The Great British Baking Show" -  The Holiday episodes don't premiere until December, but this show will surprise you with it is binge-worthiness.  It's like "The Voice" for bakers.  A baker gets eliminated in this competition each week until a champion is crowned and YOU CAN'T STOP WATCHING.


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