More Iowans are using meth


DES MOINES, Iowa -- More Iowans are using methamphetamine. 

According to the Iowa Department of Public Health, there was a 38-percent increase in methamphetamine treatment admissions in Iowa from 2014-2017.  Before that, Meth cases declined from about 2004 to 2008-2009 (see chart below) .

Rebecca Peterson, Director of House of Mercy, which offers substance abuse treatment programs, says meth is the number one drug of choice for clients entering treatment. Peterson says the impact meth has on the body and a person's ability to function brings people into treatment.

"Frequently, we see people coming in and they're not taking care of their children the way that they want to take care of their children," said Peterson. "It's impacting their physical health. Typically, not sleeping for days, not eating for days, so we see a lot of admissions, starting with medical, needing medical attention and finding their way to treatment from there."

Peterson thinks as much as 45-percent of Mercy's clients are using meth as their primary drug of choice. 

A new report from the Iowa Department of Health reports an 800-percent increase in methamphetamine deaths in Iowa. 

CLICK HERE for the Iowa Department of Health 2018 report  

Iowa Department of Health 2014


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