Christmas Tree Shortage: Blame 2008!

If you can’t get your favorite tree for Christmas, thank the 2008 recession.

The Noble fir is considered a long-standing symbol associated with the Christmas season, but this year they may be hard to come by. The Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association said there's a tree shortage all across America.

The organization says the shortage is due to the great recession back in 2008, when there was a huge surplus, prompting growers to plant fewer trees to save money (our Iowa farmers understand THAT concept). Now, those cost-saving effects cant be felt around the U.S. Shoppers can expect a smaller amount of trees to pick from, and the trees that are available will likely cost nearly ten-percent more.

If you can't get the tree you want, you can at least appreciate America's Christmas tree.

People will also be gathering in Rockefeller Center tonight for the annual tree-lighting ceremony there.

Large crowds are expected as live performances thrill spectators before the lights are flipped on. 

The NYPD will have beefed-up security in Midtown to keep everyone safe. The Department of Transportation has issued a gridlock alert with several roads closed in the area. 

The weather there? Temperatures will be near 40.  Skies will be mainly clear with a gusty wind out of the northwest.


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