Iowa Hawkeye broadcaster issues apology after comments

IOWA CITY, Iowa-  Hawkeye broadcaster Gary Dolphin issued an on-air apology last night, during the broadcast of the Iowa-Pitt men's basketball game, after making negative comments about players when he thought he was not on the air.  

The comments happened when Dolphin went to a commercial break, -at the time Pitt was leading Iowa.   The commercial did not play, and the microphone picked up a conversation between Dolphin and Bobby Hansen.

Dolphin apologized during the second half and again during the post-game show.   He stated the comments came out of frustration that it seemed as if the basketball players were not playing up to their potential.

"That's a mistake we made, we sincerely apologize to the Hawkeye basketball program in general, but especially to Coach Fran McCaffrey and his players," said Dolphin.

University of Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta says he won't comment until he's  reviewed the broadcast. 

 Iowa won the game, 69-68.

(Photo fro KCRG-TV)


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