Here's Your Biggest Travel Nightmare

Iowans (including Jeff) LOVE to travel.  A number of Iowans will be visiting family this holiday AND traveling to bowl games in Texas and Florida. So what's the thing that gives travelers NIGHTMARES about getting to their destination?

There are plenty of things that can happen to make your traveling experience a nightmare, and a new survey reveals the things most travelers hate the most. 

The biggest travel nightmare is probably the most obvious, the delayed flight, followed by checked bags being delayed, and an outright canceled flight. Other nightmares include getting sick while on trip, and luggage getting completely lost. 

And all these travel nightmares can be quite costly to travelers. Dealing with such travel nightmares can cost at least $570, but as much as $4,198. A missed flight can set someone back $570, while lost luggage can cost about $582, while a canceled flight can be as much as $676. If every possibility of a nightmare goes wrong, travelers could wind up spending almost $4,198.

Of course, travel nightmares could also be blamed on other travelers. The poll finds that the most common passenger issue people deal with is a fellow traveler leaning into their seat space, followed by a traveler kicking or jostling their seat.

Top Ten Most Commonly Experienced Travel Faux Pas

  1. Leaning their seat into your space
  2. Kicking/jostling the back of your seat
  3. Traveling with a disruptive baby/child
  4. Using both armrests
  5. Talking loudly on the flight
  6. Not properly disciplining their child
  7. Taking their shoes off
  8. Getting up and needing to get past your seat during the flight
  9. Smelling bad (either body odor or too much cologne/perfume)
  10. Trying to talk to you throughout the flight

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