Thousands may have had financial data stolen on Ames website

City of Ames website notice

AMES, Iowa - 4,600 people who paid City of Ames parking fines online may have had their financial data stolen by hackers.

"We shut down the server right away."  Ames City Finance Director Duane Pitcher tells Newsradio 1430 KASI.

"We had that server copied and sent off to a data forensic analyst, who made the determination that there was a breach of data."  Pitcher says.

People who paid tickets between August 10th through November 19th on the City of Ames website should watch their banking and credit card statements for suspicious activity.  

Pitcher says the vulnerability that allowed the hack has been fixed.

"We went out and got a new server.  That was part of what we could do to quickly get this taken care of."  Pitcher says.  

"Then we got that up and running and then went through the process of sorting out what the possible  breach was and getting the information together to notify people."  

CLICK HERE for the full statement and more information from the City of Ames

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